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Our Three-Step Procedure

There may be a time when married couple finds that their outlook in life is no longer aligned. Perhaps the marriage has not reached the 3rd year, or the matrimonial Flat has not fulfilled the Minimum Occupation Period. Perhaps it is simply that parties needed time-out and space, and are not ready to cross the line to file for divorce.

It may be your case, and there is a better way.

Drafting out a Deed of Separation does not have to require months and large legal fees.

Where both parties agree to separate amicably, DivorceBureau® designed by Yeo & Associates LLC is the ideal choice, helping parties to quickly and smoothly draft out the Deed of Separation, listing down clearly the terms in a proper legal format.
Make the right choice for yourself and choose the DivorceBureau® way for a faster and more cost-saving option

  • Benefit from comprehensive support from our experienced divorce professionals
  • Receive detailed and easy-to-follow instructions to guide you through the entire preparation process
  • Benefit from comprehensive support from our experienced legal professionals

How to file for a separation in Singapore with Deed of Separation

Step 1
Sign Up
Fill in your particulars and make payment. You will then receive access to your personal account on our online Portal.
Step 2
online fill in
Complete our online interview at your convenience. There will be detailed instructions to guide you.
Step 3
Once completed, you will receive the customised Deed of Separation in your registered email account. Your data will then be wiped from our online system.

Print out 2 copies and sign them in front of an independent witness.
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