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How does DivorceBureau® work?
DivorceBureau® provides you with the tools and the resources which will break the process down to make it easy for you to get a divorce. Our 3 step process is easy to use and easy to understand. A more detailed step by step process on how it works may be viewed at here.
How much does DivorceBureau® cost?
At S$599 nett, we developed a solution for you to prepare divorce documents easily with assistance from our divorce professional, saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars. You may visit our pricing section for more information on the cost and guarantee.
Does it matter where we were married?
It does not matter provided one party is a Singaporean or resides in Singapore for more than 3 years immediately before the filing of the divorce in Singapore.
Can I use DivorceBureau® if we have children?
Parties who manage to agree fully on the child(ren) custody, care and control, access and maintenance issues are encouraged to use DivorceBureau® for uncontested divorce.
Can I use DivorceBureau® if we have property and/or debt?
Parties who manage to fully agree on the division of properties are encouraged to use DivorceBureau® for uncontested divorce.
What if I want information, but am not sure about getting a divorce at this time?
You may seek for a professional legal consultation with our senior family lawyers at Yeo & Associates LLC at a nominal consultation fees.
Does my spouse need to sign the documents?
The easy-to-follow instructions to file your divorce documents will indicate clearly where and when the Parties are to sign the forms.
Does my spouse have to use the site with me?
It is encouraged for divorcing couples to use DivorceBureau® together with a view to have open discussion and finalizing the divorce agreement.
What if I cannot locate my spouse?
In this situation, it may be a complicated process, please contact our friendly User Support at 8588 8824.
Your total savings
DivorceBureau® charges you $599.00 for uncontested divorce
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