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Divorce Lawyer Fees

We understand that this is an emotionally draining and exhausting time in your life, so we want to make it as simple as possible. Please see the charts below to understand how DivorceBureau can help you get through this period efficiently, including guidance on divorce lawyer fees and divorce procedure in Singapore.

Please see the following comparison charts for a better understanding:
DivorceBureau® Service
  • Both Parties are in full agreement and are fully cooperative on issues relating to Children, Division of Properties/Assets and Maintenance
Our Service (Inc GST) S$599 nett
Total Charges for Our Service (Inc GST) S$599 nett
Court Filing Fees Excluded
Third Party Charges
For example, Bankruptcy search fees are not included

What are the divorce lawyer fees to get divorced in Singapore?

In Singapore, divorce fees are categorized into two main types: uncontested and contested divorces. Individuals seeking affordable legal representation may consider searching for "cheap contested divorce lawyers," "cheap lawyer in Singapore," or "cheapest uncontested divorce."

Uncontested Divorce: This occurs when both parties reach an agreement on all terms of the divorce, including custody, division of assets, and maintenance. The process is generally quicker and less expensive, making it an ideal option for those seeking the "cheapest uncontested divorce." Legal fees for uncontested divorces typically range from S$1,500 to S$3,500 or more, excluding disbursements and GST (Goods and Services Tax).

Contested Divorce: This arises when the parties cannot agree on certain terms, necessitating negotiation or litigation. Contested divorces tend to be more costly and time-consuming. However, by searching for a "cheap contested divorce lawyer" or a "cheap lawyer in Singapore," individuals may find legal professionals offering competitive rates. Legal fees for contested divorces usually start from S$5,000 and can exceed S$30,000 or more, depending on the case's complexity and the lawyer's hourly rates. This excludes disbursements and GST.

For a detailed breakdown of the expenses involved in the divorce procedure, refer to the table below, which includes the net amount:
Details Typical Law Firm DivorceBureau® Service
Determine Eligibility
Organize your Case Information
Provide Completed Documents for Court Filing
Provide Detailed Filing Instructions
Time needed to prepare documents for filing Can take weeks or months Can be done in 20 minutes
Total As high as S$3500,
Sometimes not inclusive of disbursement
S$599 nett
Some law firms ask for between S$990 and S$1600 but do not provide comprehensive services.
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